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The Short Dark is sandbox winter survival game made for 2019 Epic MegaJam.


WASD - movement

Space - Jump

TAB - Open inventory

E or F - Interact with objects

To use items - Open inventory and drag them to Hotbar. Left mouse button to use item on selected slot. Scroll wheel of number keys to change selected slot.

Protip: Theres an fishing hole in the middle of the pond. And no you cannot hurt the bunnies with the axe. :)

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TagsSandbox, Unreal Engine


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Nooooo i would have loved this!

cant download it =(

You should pick this game up again. There is alot potential.

Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks. I simply ran out of time with this.

I will continue working on it. I got very helpful feedback from the jam!

The short dark.. as someone who enjoys The Long Dark i got a good kick outta that name. still excited to try out the gam

This was inspired by the long dark and it's mechanics. TLD is a great game! :)

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good idea but fix bug
(1 edit)

Should be ok on latest build. Good catch. :)